Toby’s Big Vacation in Dog-Friendly New York

Toby’s Big Vacation in Dog-Friendly New York

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I love a good trip report. Especially when it’s a dog-friendly vacation. But what I really love is to hear the take from the other end of the leash! Wouldn’t you know it, my friend Sue Kulick’s dog Toby has his own Facebook page and likes to share his adventures with the world. I asked Sue if Toby wouldn’t mind writing a guest post for Go Dog Nashville about his vacation in dog-friendly New York. He agreed.

This is Toby, ready for his vacation in dog-friendly New York
Photo by Sue Kulick

Hello everyone!!

My name is Toby. Mommy tells me I am a cattle dog/lab mix, but I don’t know what all that means. All I know is that I am a dog, and I got ‘dopted by Mommy and Daddy a million years ago. Mommy says March 9th was my Gotcha Day, but all I know is that I went into a pet store with eight other puppies and I went home in a big car with Mommy and Daddy. My life has been one adventure after another since then!!

Last month, Mommy and Daddy took me on a trip. They called it a vay-cay-shun, not sure what that means but I got to go somewhere that wasn’t home and my sisters had to go to camp!!! (Not sure why they were upset, I go to the same camp every week for daycare and I love it. But they are old and cranky.)

Life is a Highway

Anyway, Mommy took my sisters to camp and then she and Daddy packed up and away we went. We took Mommy’s Jeep, which is kinda cool but also pretty big. I have a special seatbelt in the Jeep so I stay put. Mommy packed my bag along with hers, it looked like the bag we take when we go places but it had food and lots of treats and a bunch of paper towels and plastic bags in it. Not sure what they were for.

So we left the house and got almost halfway to where we were going (according to Mommy) when the Jeep did a funny thing. Daddy tried to keep it going but Mommy told him to stop driving so he did and all this white stuff came out of the front. Mommy said a few bad words, but then she and Daddy made a few phone calls to get things fixed. I was pretty scared because we were on the side of the highway and then there was a thunderstorm. Mommy let me sit in the front seat and she hugged me and I wasn’t afraid anymore.

Dog riding in a Jeep on his way to vacation.
Sue Kulick

After a while, a truck that Mommy and Daddy called a toe truck pulled up. Not sure why they called it that, I didn’t see any toes. A man got out and put the Jeep on his truck and we all got to ride in the front. It was kinda cool. His name was John and he was very nice, he petted me.

Jeep broke down on side of road being pulled by a tow truck.
Sue Kulick

We drove for hours and hours and got to a place where we had to leave the Jeep. Hmmm. What to do now? Well, I figured we would just walk but then another nice man named Ronald came and got Mommy and I in a little blue car called a Jett-a. He took us back to an office, Mommy used a plastic thing and sighed a lot, but we drove away in the Jett-a and got Daddy. Mommy and Daddy put all our stuff in the Jett-a and away we went. I will miss the Jeep though.

Star Treatment

After about an hour, Daddy got excited and started taking pictures. We pulled up to a really big building, much bigger than our house. There were lots of people there, lots of cars, but Mommy got a parking spot RIGHT IN FRONT!! She’s super-cool, my Mommy.

The Brae Lock Inn is a great place for a dog-friendly vacation in New York.
Sue Kulick

We went inside and OH MY GOD!! So many people and they were all making a fuss over me! Pets, hugs, loving…OK I could get used to this. Daddy took me outside ‘cause I really had to pee. Mommy brought the stuff up to our room. It was a really nice room with a big fluffy bed and a window I could look out of. We stayed there for a little while, and then we went to dinner.

This place is called the Brae Loch Inn and they are DOG FRIENDLY!!! Dinner was on the lawn, and I got to eat with Mommy and Daddy. Mommy had my bowl and the nice people brought me fresh cool water and a few snacks too. Mommy said I was really well behaved, except for the few times I looked up in the sky and barked at nothing. Well, it wasn’t nothing to me, you can never tell when those clouds might start attacking at any minute and someone had to scare them off.

The Brae Loch Inn in New York with people having dinner on the lawn.

We ate dinner and then it got cloudy and there was a storm coming in, so we went inside. Mommy and Daddy took me for a walk first. Then we went up to our room and I was allowed to sleep on the big bed with Mommy and Daddy. A really bad thunderstorm came in but I wasn’t afraid cause I knew Mommy and Daddy would take care of me. I slept like a log. I was tired and it had been a long, long day. I couldn’t wait to see what adventures awaited me tomorrow!!

Dog asleep on the bed during a dog-friendly vacation in New York
Sue Kulick

Good Day Sunshine

I woke up bright and early and it took me a minute to realize where I was. I know that I had to pee, so I did what I do at home…woke up Mommy!!! She got up and put on my harness and my leash and we went out of the big building called the Brae Loch to the street. I peed and did my business, Mommy had to pick it up with a paper towel and put it in a bag. Oh, so that’s what all those bags were for!!

Outside of the Brae Loch Inn in New York

We took a walk and there was a BIG lake!! I looked at it, but it was kinda scary and the sign said “No diving” and if I didn’t dive, I didn’t know how else to get in. Plus I didn’t have a life vest and my seat belt was left with the Jeep that we traded for the Jett-a, so I decided not to try.

Dog looks at the lake from a dock with a no diving sign

We went back to the big building and Mommy had coffee. She doesn’t let me have any, she says that’s the last thing I need. We went upstairs and woke up Daddy. Mommy fed me and we went downstairs and had breakfast. I had some yummy pumpkin bread.

Ant- Eeking and Lunch

We were going to something Mommy called as ant-eek show. No idea what that was, but it was like a million miles away from the Brae Loch. We finally got there days later. Mommy parked the car after she dropped Daddy off (he has bad knees, just like my sister, Star).

Antiques on display at an antique show
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

We walked around a little bit, but it was really hot and we were in these big things called tents with lots of shelves and LOTS of people.  Not sure what the fuss was all about, just a lot of old stuff and stuff my tail could easily break. I was a little overwhelmed, and Mommy knew it, so she left Daddy and we went out to the outside, where the air was cooler. We sat at a table and Mommy gave me water in my portable travel bowl. Daddy came out and they talked and soon we were heading back to the Jett-a. Mommy went and got it, Daddy tried to cross the street with me but I was too hot and tired so I just flopped down and wouldn’t move. Mommy came with the car and it was nice and cool and I drank more water and all was good.

Mommy and Daddy were hungry, so we found another place that was dog-friendly. It was called the Linklaen House and we had lunch on the patio! Those nice people brought me water too, and Mommy and Daddy gave me some stuff from their plates. I was very good there, too. Two little girls were petting me, but I was getting really tired now and it was still fairly warm. I didn’t want to insult them though, so I just put my tail between my legs and looked up at Mommy and Daddy. My Mommy and Daddy are really smart, cause they told the little girls that I had had enough and needed to rest. They went away and I laid down until Mommy and Daddy were done.

After that, we went back to the room. It was a different room cause they had to switch us. This was a BEAUTIFUL room with a big bed and a great view! It was nice and cool, and Mommy, Daddy and I all took a nap.

Very tired dog asleep on a bed during a dog-friendly vacation in New York
Sue Kulick

Everybody Knows Your Name

We were going to friends for dinner tonight. Mommy and Daddy had met some friends at Hilton Head Island (I’ve never been there!!) and they live in a town called Skaneateles which is close to where Mommy and Daddy were. (I looked up the town because I wouldn’t know how to spell it.) We headed over there and we drove for a thousand miles and then we were there! Aunt Janet and Uncle Dick live in a really nice house, and they made a delicious barbecue dinner. I was SO GOOD according to Mommy. We all had a nice time, and then we drove another thousand miles back to the Brae Loch.

Dog enjoying a nightcap at the pub at Brae Lock Inn in New York
Sue Kulick

I was tired, but we went down to the pub for a night-cap. I didn’t see anyone in caps, although one guy had a baseball hat on. I made even more friends here, people were petting me and hugging me and I was having a blast!! Pretty soon I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore, so Mommy and Daddy decided to take me upstairs to our room.  Daddy took me out first (another plastic bag!!) and then we went upstairs. Mommy and Daddy let me sleep on the bed, and I was sound asleep in no time at all. What an exciting day we had!!

Toby has more to tell you…Stay tuned for for the rest of his Big Vay-Cay in New York.

Sue Kulick and husband Steve have been involved with animal rescue for many years. She is a paramedic by career, and a photographer and an animal lover by design. All of their furbabies are rescues. They currently have three dogs: Star, Pebbles and Toby, and three cats, Rocky, Adrian and Mickey – as well as two “feral” cats, Sparky and Baby Girl, that adopted them! Sue adds: “There is a great need for people to adopt, not shop, as so many animals are looking for their forever homes. We have traveled with all of our dogs at various times. The key is to be prepared for anything. It is a very rewarding experience to travel with a beloved furbaby, both for you and for them!!”

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