Toby’s Big Vacation in Dog-friendly New York – part Two

Toby’s Big Vacation in Dog-friendly New York – part Two

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Toby continues the account of his big dog-friendly vacation in New York. Did you miss the first part? You can catch up here.


Day Three was another beautiful morning!! I let Mommy sleep until 7 AM. I think she was as surprised as me.  I woke her up to go out, we walked, you know, more plastic bags. Good thing she brought a gazillion of them!

We were on the road pretty early today. We drove in the Jett-a for about 6 hours, and then we pulled into a parking lot. We sat there for a while. Not sure what this place was, but it smelled GOOD. It smelled like BACON. Mommy said it was a Denny’s, I was looking for someone named Denny but no one seemed to have that name. 

After a while, Mommy and Daddy’s friends pulled in and I got to meet them!! I was all excited because I thought I was getting bacon, but then…wait! They put me in their friend’s car! I mean, it was nice and big and it was a Jeep, but still! Mommy explained that the Jett-a had some sort of thing where it didn’t run if you stayed still and the air conditioning wouldn’t be cold and I couldn’t stay in the car with no air conditioning. Made NO SENSE to me, just take me into the bacon place!

But in the Jeep I went, and I had a nice blanket and some water and it was nice and cool so I fell asleep. Twenty hours later, Mommy and Daddy came out to get me and I went back into the Jett-a. People are silly. But then Mommy opened her bag and she had a paper towel! I love paper towels, I chew them all the time, but this one had BACON in it!! Oh, I love my Mommy.

Lift Our Spirits

After that, we drove to a dis-still-array. Not sure what that was, but I think it was called that because it was a big barn in a field and it was very still there. Mommy and Daddy met some friends there, we sat outside at a nice table in the shade. Oh, this place – Madison County Distillery – was dog friendly too!!! They brought me some water in a big bowl and they brought Mommy and Daddy and their friends something in a little tiny glass. Hmm, I think I won that round. Then they got bigger glasses but I couldn’t have any, so I ate some of the chips that Mommy had. I think I won that round, too!

Cocktails with a bowl of chips at an outdoor table at a distillery.
Image by stokpic from Pixabay

We said goodbye to the friends and went back to the big building. More plastic bags, and we went upstairs for a nap. It was a good nap, but while we napped, it rained! And rained. We were supposed to have dinner on the lawn again, but everything outside was wet. Really, I didn’t care, ‘cause I just shake if I get wet, but apparently Mommy and Daddy and the other hoomans didn’t want to get wet. So we went downstairs to the pub for dinner and we sat at a really long table in the back. It seemed kinda dark, but Mommy and Daddy kept saying it was “way cool” so I guess that was good. I got more pets and more hugs while I was there. 

After dinner, it wasn’t raining anymore, so Mommy, Daddy and me went for a walk through the town. I didn’t even need the plastic bags!! It was fun, and when we got back, we went up to our room where I promptly fell asleep. I don’t even remember Mommy and Daddy getting ready for bed. This was such a fun vay-cay-shun!!

Country Roads, Take Me Home

We woke up Monday morning and it was a sunny day. Mommy said we were going home today. That made me a little sad, but it would be OK to see my house again and maybe even my sisters. Mommy and Daddy packed up everything and put it in the Jett-a, then they had some more coffee. What is it with the hoomans and their coffee? Water is just fine if you ask me. Anyway, they talked to the lady in the gift shop and they left their keys and away we went.

We drove for a few more hours, and then Mommy pulled off the big fast road we were on. Hmm, this looks familiar. We drove across a railroad track and stopped at a place with a lot of cars. And then…OH MY GOD!!! There was our Jeep!!! Wait, what was happening? Mommy and Daddy and I went inside and talked to the nice man behind the counter. Mommy pulled out that little plastic card again, and sighed some more, and then they took the keys to the Jeep. Daddy got in the Jeep and Mommy followed him in the Jett-a. Wait…were we taking two cars home?

Dog riding in a Jeep on his way home.

But then we stopped at the place that Mommy and I were at on Friday and we put everything from the Jett-a back into the Jeep, including me!! Mommy left the Jett-a with the nice people at the counter (they had cold water for me too) and we left in the Jeep!! I was so happy to have our Jeep back! I was so sure we were going to have to drive in the Jett-a all the time.

We stopped at a place on the way home. It was cool…Daddy spoke to a little box in a sign, and when we drove to the window, food came out! I got chicken nuggets and they were good. After I ate, I felt sleepy, so I took a little nap. We drove a little more and then Mommy took me out for a walk. No plastic bags again!! I got back in the Jeep and fell asleep again. Mommy and Daddy drove home, and then next thing I knew, we were in our driveway at our house! I went inside, drank some water, and fell back to sleep. It was an exhausting weekend!! But boy did I have fun!!

I personally think that all dogs should get to go on vay-cay-shun. Both of my sisters have gone a few times, this was my first time, but I can see why they loved it so! First of all, you get all kinds of attention. Second of all, you get all kinds of treats. And third of all, you get to spend time with your Mommy and Daddy! I mean, I love my sisters and all, but it was nice to be the only dog for a little bit.

Mommy told me that I have to put this in, because it’s important (she helped me write it):

If you are going to travel with your dog, be prepared for a totally different type of vay-cay-shun. She says it’s like traveling with a toddler. Bring lots of supplies (like the plastic bags), extra food, medicine and don’t forget your dog’s health and rabies certificates! Mommy has copies of mine and my sisters right in our travel bag. Make sure places are dog friendly before you get there, if not, have a plan B. If I have to stay in the car, make sure it’s not for long, make sure the car is running and cool (or hot in the winter), and I have water. Mommy never lets the car we are in out of her sight, she says she even asks for a window seat if we are outside. She also says that not everyone likes dogs (I can’t even imagine someone that doesn’t like dogs, but she says it’s true) so make sure that people are OK with us. And listen to us. Like when those little girls were getting a bit overwhelming, Mommy and Daddy knew that I needed time out.

Well thanks for coming along on our vay-cay-shun with us! I hope you liked reading about it as much as I liked telling you about it!!

Love, Toby

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