Thinking Outside the Box – Cricket Protein

Thinking Outside the Box – Cricket Protein

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Would you eat a cricket? Your dog won’t have a problem with that – they eat all sorts of interesting things. Cricket protein is an innovative way to provide your dog with a nutritious and sustainable treat.

Woman feeding a cricket treat to her dog.

We don’t usually look beyond the normal sources of protein when it comes to treats for our dogs. Chicken, beef and lamb are pretty standard. The pet world has come to embrace even more exotic meats like venison, rabbit and kangaroo.

Let’s take a moment to think outside-the-box.

How about crickets, for example?

Lucky for us, the geniuses at Jiminy’s decided to explore an alternative protein source for their treats. The result is a delicious, super-nutritious and best of all, sustainable treat your dog will be crazy over.

But why cricket protein?

Lots of reasons why treating your dog with cricket protein is a great idea.

  • Provides a complete protein
  • Highly digestible
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Low calorie
  • Sustainable
  • Humane

Let’s take a quick look at each of these…

Nutritional power

Bet you didn’t know that cricket powder is comparable to beef when it comes to providing all the necessary amino acids your dog needs. Plus crickets come jam-packed with other good things, like essential minerals, iron, Vit B2 and B12, and fiber.

Good for the tummy

Not only are dogs able to properly digest cricket protein, but it also acts as a prebiotic in keeping digestive issues at bay. Prebiotics are usually fiber. They help keep all the various bacteria and other microbes that live in your dog’s digestive tract (the microbiome) healthy and in balance.


If your pupper is challenged with food sensitivity or allergies, you’ll be glad to know that cricket protein is hypoallergenic. ‘Nuff said!

Keep that girlish figure

If you’re like us, you go through A LOT of treats while training. After a while, you might start worrying your dog will begin putting on some extra weight from all those high-value tidbits he’s consuming over the course of a day. For about 3 calories per treat, cricket protein is a great choice when dog training. (Or treating!)

Good for the environment

You might never have considered sustainability when it comes to your dog’s treats, but think about it: did you know that according to a study done by UCLA “cats and dogs are responsible for 25 to 30 percent of the environmental impact of meat consumption in the United States.” Wow!

Farming crickets uses less energy, water and land resources than beef or chicken.

Kindness counts

This is a big one for me. Crickets are humanely raised. They live nearly to the end of their natural lifespan and are humanely harvested.

The Real Proof is in the Pudding

…Or you could say, the eating!

I remember when we first heard about cricket treats for dogs, I was super curious. Eating bugs sounded like ewww to me – but what about Chloe? And what did the treats look like? Were they like, freeze-dried whole crickets? Did they look like an insect at all? And would Chloe even like them?

When we were offered the chance to test a bag of Jiminy’s Chewy Cricket Treats, I was relieved to learn that the treats looked like any other dog treat. And they smelled A-mazing-ING!

Two bags of cricket protein treats for dogs from Jiminy's.

We sampled the Peas & Sweet Potato and the Pumpkin & Carrot recipes. Each little treat was soft and chewy – easy to break into even smaller bits for training.

Chloe would barely let me open the bag! She definitely was interested.

Dog sniffing a bag of unopened cricket protein powder treats for dogs from Jiminy's.

All it took was one treat, and she was hooked!

Woman gives her dog a cricket protein treat from Jiminy's.

I’ll admit – even our cats were interested.

Definitely two paws up for Jiminy’s Treats from Chloe. And thumbs up from me. How can you not feel good about a treat your dog will love and all extra benefits they provide?

With over 500 locations across the US, you should be able to grab a bag at your local pet food store. Or order online at Jiminy’s.

Newsflash: Jiminy’s is now offering an insect and plant based kibble. If your dog is challenged with allergies or gut-health, it might be a great choice. Ask your veterinarian for your dog’s specific needs.

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