Grow a Real Grass Easter Basket for Your Dog

Grow a Real Grass Easter Basket for Your Dog

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We’ve assembled three projects you can make for your dog to include him in your Easter and spring celebrations. Dog friendly and dog safe, they are perfect for including him in all the fun.  We’ve broken down each project in sections so you can do a little at a time. First up, a real grass Easter basket…

Wheat grass growing in an Easter basket.

Spring celebrations are so much fun for our children. And us. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous Easter basket filled with chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks and all sorts of goodies? Those things look like fun in your dog’s eyes, too. But chocolate and sugar are dangerous for him – even though they taste pretty good.

How can your pup celebrate?

How about his very own real grass Easter basket? This first project takes several days to complete, so you’ll want to get started right away.

Project #1 Real Easter Grass Basket

Everyone loves to see those pretty Easter baskets filled with goodies and treats. But that bright green “Easter grass” inside? No sir – not a great idea around your pets.

Did you know plastic Easter grass can cause intestinal blockages if ingested? If your dog decided to nibble at some, you might be looking at an expensive vet bill and possible surgery.

Instead, offer your dog his own basket full of fresh grass. It’s super easy to grow real grass for your Easter baskets. Grown from wheat berries, this grass is totally edible for your dog. Or cat. Or YOU! If your dog turns up her nose at the nibbles, feel free to eat it, juice it or use it for your garden.

Wheat berries are incredibly quick to grow. Our grass was about an inch tall in just three days.

You will need:

  • Basket or other dog-safe container. (Straw baskets are lovely but unsafe for your dog to chew. Try a plastic container or a dog bowl. We chose a wire basket that can be re-purposed.)
  • Plastic plant trays to line your containers.
  • Wheat berries (we purchased at Whole Foods)
  • Small mason jar
  • Potting soil
  • Spray bottle
  • Plastic wrap
Supplies needed to grow real grass for Easter.

What to do:

On the first day, measure enough wheat berries to fill the plant trays in a single layer. Pour the berries into a mason jar and cover with fresh water. Allow the berries to soak and plump for 2-3 hours.

Wheat grass berries
Wheat grass berries soaking in a mason jar.

While the wheat berries are soaking, place the plastic plant trays inside your baskets. Fill with potting soil to a depth of at least an inch or two.

Adding potting soil to plant trays.

When your wheat berries have finished their soak, spoon them out across the potting soil, keeping them in a single layer. It’s best to over-seed than under-seed, so crowd them in!

Adding wheat berries to potting soil in plant trays to make a real grass Easter basket

Take your plastic spray bottle and give the soil and wheat berries a good misting. You want to keep them moist and not let them dry out. Cover with plastic wrap and set them in a warm place. The plastic wrap gives a mini greenhouse effect.

Misting wheat berries planted for a real grass Easter basket

For the next couple days, mist your wheat berries 2 – 3 times each day. Don’t overwater – just keep them wet.

You should be seeing some sprouting by Day 2.

Wheat berries beginning to sprout

On Day 3, you’ll see little blades of grass. Remove the plastic wrap and move your grass-babies to a sunny window. Make sure to keep misting so they don’t dry out.

Growth of wheat grass after 3 days .

You baskets may look a little sparse, but they will fill in nicely in several more days growing time.

Real grass growing in Easter basket

Now that you have real grass planted and growing in your baskets, what can you fill them with that your dog can enjoy? Find out MORE in our next post…

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How to Grow a Real Grass Easter Basket
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