Gifts You Didn’t Know Your Dog Needs

Gifts You Didn’t Know Your Dog Needs

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Searching for a gift for your dog – or the dog lover in your life – that is not just the same old, same old? Here are five gifts for your dog you probably didn’t know you needed. Sometimes it’s the practical presents we tend to overlook.

But in reality, these are the items you WISH you had when you really need them.

Take a peek at our top recommendations. Affiliate links ahead; as an Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. And a few of these have no affiliation – it’s just because we LOVE the companies and highly recommend their products.


Yes, it does just what you think it does!

This gift for your dog ? Well, maybe your dog doesn’t need it, but YOU do! This stink-free container will hold one bag of your dog’s potty business AND eliminate the need for you to cart it around in your hands. Or inside a backpack. Yuck.

Image by PooVault. Black PooVault container makes a perfect gift for dog owners.
Photo credit PooVault

Why your dog needs this:

  • Helps keep you out hiking or adventuring longer; no need to look for a waste can
  • Keeps trails, parks, beaches and city sidewalks free of puppy poo to protect the environment and other people’s shoes
  • Eliminates smell – need we say more?

Turdlebag is an alternative. Although not odor-proof, this fabric bag holds one potty bag. Smell-resistant.

Ruffwear Dog Boots

You may not think your dog needs foot coverings. You may think they’re only for extreme wintry conditions or hiking in mountainous terrain. Think again.

Image by Ruffwear. Polar Trex dog boots make a perfect gift for your dog.
Photo credit Ruffwear

Why your dog needs them:

  • Insulates from extreme temperatures
  • Provides traction on steep or slippery surfaces
  • Protects against winter chemical/salts applies to sidewalks and streets
  • Barrier to thorns, glass and other sharp or rough surfaces
  • Looks darn cute in them

Ruffwear has several different options. Their website is full of information to choose the correct fit. Don’t forget a pair of socks for added comfort!

Rex Specs Goggles

You wear eye protection in the sun, yah? Or if you’re going at fast speeds with a top-down convertible? While you’re speeding around the lake waterskiing or fishing? Or what about if you were running through the brush after a squirrel? Well, you probably don’t do that but I’ll bet your dog does!

Rex Specs to the rescue.

Photo Credit Drew Smith; two dogs wearing their RexSpecs goggles on a beautiful mountain trail.
Photo credit Drew Smith

Why your dog needs them:

  • Protection from UV rays, especially around water, snow, high elevations
  • Barrier to dirt, sand, sticks or other sharp objects while hiking, hunting or at the beach
  • Prevents further damage for dogs with eye-related medical conditions
  • Helps with your dog’s coolness factor

All the info you need is at Rex Specs website. Easy to measure for correct sizing AND they have different lens options.

Eurmax Pop-up Canopy Tent

If you’re into dog sports, you’ll know how important it is to have good shade protection while you’re outside waiting in the summer heat for your turn. And trust me, even if your dog DOESN’T do sports, there will come a time when you will be totally glad you have a shade tent with you. This gift for your dog can be used by the whole family.

Why your dog needs this:

  • Gives relief from high temps at sporting events like agility, disc, other outdoor trials
  • Shelter for beach trip – big enough for everyone to get out of the sun
  • Provides a way to shelter from sun/rain while camping or picnicking

You can find sun shelters to suit any budget. Look for ease of set-up and waterproof ability and weight. This Eurmax Pop-Up Tent is high-quality, can be set up by one or two (let’s just say two) people and has a rolling case.

Also to keep on hand – an Aluminet heat reflective shade. These can be used over your vehicle or across the hatchback or even over your dog’s travel crate.

Reflective Gear – for the TWO of You

Most likely you have some sort of reflective material on your dog’s collar, harness, leash or tags. But it’s super important while walking your dog at night, YOU have a good amount of reflective gear for yourself.

Your reflective gear needs to be highly visible from a distance. It’s no good being spotted by a driver when he’s only a few yards away. Also look for gear that provides a large surface area or can be worn on legs, arms, head for greater visibility.

Why your dog needs this:

  • Protects his favorite human from accidents involving fast-moving vehicles
  • Provides safety when you’re near a road such as raking leaves, gardening, during an accident or if your car breaks down on the roadside
  • Keeps him safe by keeping YOU safe

You can go high tech with the noxgearTracer360.

Or try a full 360° visibility with a FREEMOVE vest.

Chew toys will be shredded in a matter of minutes. Give your dog and yourself a gift that will serve you many times over in the coming year.

Let’s hear from YOU. What are the most practical and useful gifts your dog has ever received?

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