What Gifts Your Dog Needs on Black Friday

What Gifts Your Dog Needs on Black Friday

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Should you be shamed for shopping for dog gifts on Black Friday? Does your dog really need you to buy him anything? We say yes. Here’s why…

Bet you’ve seen this meme going around social media. Looks something like this…

These are all true, yet…

While it’s so true what our dogs MOST need in life is time well-spent with family and friends, this meme is missing a important point. If you’re going to do all those activities with your dog, you’re going to need some THINGS to make them happen.

One of my jobs is to inspire you to get out there and be active with your dog. But you’re not going to go hiking with him unless you have the proper footwear… So you stay home. Want to take your good boy camping? You need gear.

So go ahead – this Black Friday, leave the guilt of shopping behind and get the things YOU need to have more adventures, more fun and more bonding time with your doggo!

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Best way to walk the dog? Take them on a hike. This harness will safely keep your pup comfortable.

Our Front Range Harness goes everywhere.

Small doggo gets tired easily? You can carry them with this pack!

You need shoes to support YOU over rugged terrain. I love my Merrell’s – 6 years and going strong!

Guess what game your dog (big or small) loves best? Tug!! With you, of course.

Your dog wants to hear you say “Good girl!” This training tool has an amazing array of uses and fun activities.

Dog parks can be okay – but your dog wants to roam the open fields and explore wild places. This long line is waterproof.

Long line gives Chloe lots of freedom to explore safely.

You deserve to have fun and bring your dog along, too. Have your ever wanted to SUP?

Add this non-slip mat for extra safety on the board…

More fun – heading out for a day on the town. Don’t leave your pup home because you’re worried about dog hair on your black leggings. Flint gets the lint.

Walk every day. In every type of weather. Even rain. (Great for rainy hiking days, too.)

Your dog would love to match you in this warm jacket.

Also good for rainy days playing in frisbee.

So what do you think? Ready to go all in and get some gear to keep you and your dog active? We hope you found something that piqued your interest and inspires you to spoil your pupper and treat yourself! You both deserve it.

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