Dog Activities in Nashville When You Have No Time

Dog Activities in Nashville When You Have No Time

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Are you short of time for dog activities in Nashville with your pup? If you can’t find the time to get out and adventure with your dog, Nashville Dog Adventures can do that for you!

Previously published June 4, 2018

Do you ever get a case of dog parent guilt?

Life gets busy. You know your dog needs a good run at the park, but you’ve got company coming into town…or the kids are sick…or you’ve got to work late…or _________(fill in the blank.)

I get it that it’s not always easy to find the time to give your pup the proper amount of exercise that she needs on a daily basis. Not to mention that our dogs also crave stimulation and a chance to work their noses (and minds!) to really satisfy their energy requirements. That’s why I was so intrigued when I first heard about Nashville Dog Adventures.

If you are short of time for dog activities and can’t find the time to get out and adventure with your dog, Nashville Dog Adventures can do that for you!

Beautiful sunrise with mist over the fields and a running fence.

The brainchild of Melissa Riley, Ph.D,  (she’s also a Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and flight instructor) Nashville Dog Adventures fills a need for pet owners who want their dogs to have more time outdoors.

“I have three high drive dogs and noticed that when I was not able to get them out and exercised, they were not as happy,” Melissa explained. “I saw significant changes after they would go hiking. I thought I cannot be the only person with high energy dogs that could use some help getting them outdoors more often.”

You don’t need to have a high drive dog to take advantage of their services. Even the littlest of dogs reap the benefits. And Melissa has lots of regular clients who use her services weekly that can testify to that.

So what does an adventure look like?

Nashville Dog Adventures will arrive at your location to pick up your pup (pick up and drop off is FREE) and transport them to their adventure location. All dogs ride in crash-tested crates. They are also fitted with a Tile tracker (for a just-in-case situation.) And off they go on an approximately two hour immersion in nature! Some locations regularly used are Warner Parks, Percy Priest Lake, Radnor Lake and our local Greenways – perfect for your dog to expend some energy.

Two dogs enjoying a swim at the lake with Nashville Dog Adventures

Melissa adds, “We treat your dog as family- they are transported in crash rated crates to and from the adventure, we schedule the location based on the fitness and social level of each dog, so that it is as enjoyable as possible. We have found clients have better outcomes with behavioral issues, overweight dogs, even with one adventure a week, have lost a lot of weight, and they have a GREAT time when they are with us. We are flexible and can schedule before, during or after work hours, whatever is most convenient for the client.”

And they offer a 10% discount to veterans, first responders and teachers!!

Two dogs enjoying a run outside with Nashville Dog Adventures

Guess what else? They can help if you have family or friends traveling with their dogs and coming to town for a visit. You can even schedule an adventure that includes visits to some of our iconic Nashville locations. Take some photos, get some exercise and make the vacation as fun for their dogs as it is for them!

If you’re like me, you probably have some safety concerns. But with Melissa’s background, you can rest assured your dogs are in good hands. I’m just going to quote directly from their website :

“Melissa has been working with dogs all of her life and has worked in K9 Search and Rescue since 1999. She currently has 3 Belgian Malinois in her family that are certified for live find disaster work. She serves as the K9 Coordinator for local and state agencies in Middle Tennessee. She has a Ph.D. in Leadership and Education, MA in Aerospace Education and a BA in Psychology. She is a commercial flight instructor, volunteers as a reserve police officer, and is a certified Wilderness EMT with over 26 years experience in fire and EMS as well as a former veterinary technician.”

I’d say that qualifies as pretty darned experienced!

But, uh, if your dog is going out in nature…all that mud and water and stuff…won’t they get a bit …dirty?

Of course – that’s what adventuring is all about! But dogs are returned home to their owners cleaned, scrubbed down if need be!

If you’re short of time for dog activities in Nashville, give them a call!

Find out more on their Facebook page.

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