DIY Flower Crown for Your Dog

DIY Flower Crown for Your Dog

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Spring will soon be in the air. Want a fun afternoon project you can craft for your dog? Here’s how you can make a gorgeous diy flower crown for your dog to celebrate the coming of spring.

We’ve updated this post to include a smaller flower crown!

Dog wearing a flower crown

You’ve probably seen the gorgeous photos by Sophie Gamand of pit bulls in decadent flower crowns.  The floral wreaths imbue these maligned dogs with a sense of sweetness and emphasize their unique personalities.

Dreamy flower crowns are fairly simple to craft – and make your next photo session with your puppy aww-worthy.

Think your boy doggo can’t rock a girly crown? Sure he can! But feel free to use all greenery to give him a masculine look.

You can create these out of real or silk flowers and greens. If you choose to use fresh florals, make sure you check plant guides to be certain they are safe for pets.

You’ll need:

  • Wire cutters (or heavy-duty scissors)
  • Needle nose pliers to fold ends (optional)
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Selection of flowers and greenery. You will need more than you think.
  • String (for measuring around your dog’s head)
Supplies needed to make a flower crown for your dog

First things first: know your dog! Some dogs are a-okay with wearing objects on their heads and some just tolerate them but will just as soon tip them off. And some are NOT having it. If your dog doesn’t like to wear anything on her head, try making a floral wreath to wear around her neck instead.

Take the string and measure around your dog’s head where you want the crown to sit. Not too loose and not too tight.

Measuring your dog's head for a flower crown

Now cut a length of floral wire the length of the string plus a few more inches.

Fold one end of the floral wire into a small loop with your needle nose pliers or by hand. Fold the other end into a small hook. Wrap both ends in floral tape to hide the wire.

Making a hook in the end of a dog flower crown

Bend your floral wire into a circular shape and hook the ends together. Try on your dog’s head for fit. Adjust as necessary.

Make a dog flower crown by bending florist wire in a circle.

Now start adding the flowers. Trim the flower stems to about 2-3 inches and begin wrapping them to the floral wire with the floral tape.  Wrap each stem several times to secure well. If you have a very small dog (and a very small wreath) you should trim the stems to about an inch.

Wrapping floral tape while making a dog flower crown

Some crafters recommend adding the greenery first as a base and then adding the flowers. Some advise taping the flowers together in small bunches and then adding to the wreath. We began by laying out the flowers and greens the way we wanted them and then taping to the floral wire.

You can add flowers to the front of the crown only or go all the way around.

Now you’ve made a flower crown for your dog! Try on your dog for fit. And then get out the camera.

Dog trying on a diy flower crown you can make.
Dog modeling a flower crown

Chloe was not happy wearing her crown – but treats made it much more fun.  If you’re having the same problem for photos, try a few practice sessions before you grab the camera. Reward for holding that crown in place for a second or two and work your way up to longer times.

Smaller and Sweeter Flower Crown

This massive and decadent flower crown has been a hit with our readers. It makes for over-the-top photos. Your dog will lool like a faerie queen or king! But…the amount of flowers and greens used in crafting this can be very heavy. Chloe did NOT like wearing her crown. She patiently sat for photos as long as treats were in the offering. But it must’ve made her feel like she has a weight on her head (umm – yeah!) so she wanted to dip her head down.

I decided to go ahead and craft another flower crown. This time, I chose to use smaller blooms to lighten the weight. I also used a thinner gauge florist wire so I could easily “mold” the crown to fit her little doggie head. I left the ends open and attached a ribbon that could be tied for a better fit. And added a silky ribbon to tie beneath Chloe’s chin to help keep the crown in place.

The results? While not as lavious as the previous version, this sweet little crown sits on her head nicely. And the ribbons gave it the look of an Easter bonnet! Chloe was much happier with this one.

Pretty Aussie dog wearing a pink flower crown tied with a bow.
Dog wearing a flower crown
Pretty dog wearing a diy pink flower crown

Tips We Discovered for the Large Crown:

  • It is easiest to attach flower stems that are wire and covered in floral tape. Some loose flowers have plastic stems. Those are harder to attach and to arrange. Choose wire stems if possible.
  • Don’t be afraid to go with big, bold blooms! Try one large bloom off-center or go with several and fill in with smaller flowers.
  • We chose to only add flowers to the front 3/4 of the crown. That made it top-heavy and it wanted to slide off Chloe’s head very easily. Next time, we will fill in with flowers around the entire crown.
  • If you are having trouble keeping the crown on your dog’s head, try adding two silky ribbons to either side of the crown and tie under your dog’s chin.

Tips We Discovered for the Smaller Crown:

  • Again, florals with wire stems are best. Avoid flowers/greenery with flocking. It WILL come off while handling the crown.
  • You can use a few larger blooms as focal areas. If the blooms are too big, you can detach portions. Attach a wire stem to make them easier to use.
  • Use a smaller gauge florist wire, such as 20. This gives you the flexibility to shape the crown as needed. You can use two strands of wire together if needed.
  • After more experimenting, it is clear that florist paper tape works better than plastic waterproof tape and makes a better presentation.
  • Satin ribbons are lovely. Make sure to seal the ends to prevent fraying.
Holding a smaller bloom from a silk flower arrangement
Small pink silk flower bloom with a wire attached to the stem.
Pink satin bow tied at the back of a flower crown.

Dog wearing a gorgeous diy flower crown

So get ready to see your pup in a rosy Valentine’s crown or a lovely spring wreath. Have fun crafting your very own diy flower crown!

And be sure and share your photos on Instagram. Hashtag #godognashville for a chance to be featured.

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DIY Flower Crown pin
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