December 13, 2017

Still looking for that extra-special gift for your dog this holiday season? Something that the two of you can use together? Want to hear Chloe’s Pick for best gift ever? (She knows what she’s talking about because she received this last Christmas…)

Most people know how important conditioning is for keeping your body in great shape. Well, that also applies to our dogs – especially the active ones – but it’s just as important for puppies that are in the middle of developing their muscles and joints as it is to our senior companions who might have challenges with arthritis and joint issues. Plus it’s just plain old common sense to keep even the average dog in great shape.

That’s where K9FITbone comes in. It makes a perfect gift.

The K9FITbone is a fun, bone-shaped balance platform. It comes in five different colors, with a handy pump to change the inflation (lower pressure makes it easier and increasing the air makes it more challenging.) Designed by the experts at FitPAWS, it is used by professional trainers and therapists as well as the average dog owner.

Don’t think your pup has to be competing in a highly demanding dog sport to make use of this. The K9FITbone is for every canine companion.

You’ll be helping your dog work on core conditioning, balance, body awareness (did you know that many dogs have no awareness of the back legs!?) limb strength; it’s mentally stimulating as well and gives your dog an important job to do.  Plus, they will love spending time with you.

The K9FITbone comes with five training cards to get you started. Have some yummy treats on hand and your dog will quickly figure out that playing with you and the K9FITbone is a very good thing. And gradually, you’ll notice the difference in your dog’s physical abilities and strength.

You can read more about the K9FITbone at the FitPAWS site and check out other training videos on YouTube.

Enjoy your holidays!

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