Can You Buy Natural Tick Protection That Works?

Can You Buy Natural Tick Protection That Works?

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I love our homemade tick repellent. We still use it – especially for the humans in the family. But you know, I’m always searching for even better natural tick protection that works for Chloe.


If our homemade spray works well, why change it up?

  • Different weather, conditions, humidity factor in how many ticks you can see in any particular year.
  • And you have to account for the environment you and your dog will be spending a lot of time in, too.
  • Plus – does your dog swim? Chloe is a water baby. If I spray her with our tick repellent before a hike and she goes for a swim, then I have to reapply. Do I always remember to do that? Nope.

So I kept asking myself: what do people who live in densely forested or jungle environments use to keep pests off of themselves and their homes? Surely native peoples use natural substances to protect themselves?

I did some research and found a product that followed my same line of thinking. I decided to give it a shot.

Just so you know – I am not affiliated with the following company. This comes straight from a desire to share what works!

Here’s our results:

Dr. Mercola’s Healthy Pets offers a three-way system to naturally repel ticks from your dog (and cat) using a blend of naturally-derived essential oils used by Brazilian people for centuries. It’s a natural tick protection that works.

Products from Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets - flea and tick spray and spot on treatments.

Quick reminder of why we choose not to use conventional, pesticide products on our pets:

  • Many reports of adverse reactions, particularly with smaller dogs and certain breeds
  • Warnings of toxicity to humans applying the product
  • Serious reactions to cats who have been exposed to products intended for dogs
  • Environmental concerns
  • Personal experience with these products from my years of working at a veterinarian office

Seriously – just read the warning label on the back of the package of any spot-on product using pesticides!

Dr. Mercola’s pest repellent system offers several options. You can choose to use the flea and tick repellent collar, spray or a topical spot-on treatment.

I’m not a big fan of leaving collars on Chloe at all times, so we decided to test with the Spot-On Topical Repellent and the Flea and Tick Defense spray.


The Spot-On Topical Repellent is applied just like any other spot-on treatment you may have seen. The difference? You don’t have to be afraid to get it on your hands! Or worry that it contains toxic chemicals that could hurt your dog.

Following the recommended amount, apply the product directly to your dog’s skin between the shoulder blades.

Dog standing while owner applies a natural spot-on tick repellent.

The smell of Geranium oil (yes – the same we use in our homemade spray) and Wintergreen Oil is not unpleasant – although may be a bit overwhelming at first. It will dissipate over time.

Yes, it does spread and leave the fur oily-looking for a few days. While it was drying, I let Chloe rest in her crate for 30 minutes so she didn’t try to rub it off on the floor or furniture.

Each application will last roughly a month.


Along with the Spot-On treatment, we decided to test the Flea and Tick Defense spray out in tall grass and brushy areas.

The spray smells really good to me – I like the combination of Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Sesame and Castor oil.

Our verdict?

After using these two products in combination, I noticed a definite decrease in the number of attached ticks found on Chloe after hiking. In fact, not one tick.

Now – to be fair, I am not routinely using the spray whenever we go outside in our yard. Because, Time. Because, I Forget. Our yard is a tick magnet. Yes, Chloe has picked up some ticks from our yard and brought them inside.

However – here’s the kicker: tick repellents work by masking the odor of your dog. Even if the tick climbs aboard after your dog brushes up against tall grass, the tick seems to be…confused.

I have found them either crawling furiously along Chloe’s fur or just sitting there, dazed.

This is why it’s important to still do a once-over from head to tail when you get home from a hike or playing outside.

Those ticks that are just sitting on the outside of the fur may not be able to identify YOUR DOG, but they sure as heck can smell YOU. If your dog brushes up against you, those ticks can and WILL transfer over to you. Or at the very least transfer off your dog and onto the floor, bedding or furniture.

So don’t forget to also use a tick repellent for yourself. Use our homemade spray!

If you’re looking for even MORE ways to protect your dog, I would highly recommend giving Dr. Mercola’s products a test run yourself. Definitely natural tick protection that works.

Quick reminder: not all dogs can tolerate essential oils. Make sure and do a spot test first. And if your dog has any health conditions, check with your veterinarian first.

What products have you discovered to help keep your dog free from pests like fleas and ticks? Share with us in the comments!

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