Bark to School Challenge

Bark to School Challenge

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Update – – we’ll be opening the doors to our fun and free class again in 2020!

Join us for four weeks of easy and fun tricks you can teach your dog. AND, you can put them together to create a cute little “back to school” trick routine!

Learning – for dogs and humans – should be a lifelong goal. It keeps us sharp, on our toes and definitely gives us a feeling of accomplishment. It can boost our confidence and self-esteem. And for our dogs, it’s a great way to use up extra energy. Mental stimulation can burn up as much energy as a 30 minute walk!

This is all just for fun. Nothing fancy or too hard. Your dog may already have these tricks down. But join in the fun anyway and see how you can combine them into a short performance to impress your family and friends.

Our private Facebook Group is open for you to post you questions, help others, share your successes and show off your progress.

See you in class!

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