A Disc and a Dog

A Disc and a Dog

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Check out K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League. 

May 8, 2018

Dogs go with Frisbees like , well…. dogs go with Frisbees! We bet your pup loves to chase after that flying disc, racing like the wind to catch it before it hits the ground and proudly trotting back to you carrying her prize.

If you’re looking for a dog sport that combines exercise, fun and low-stress competitiveness, you’ll want to check out K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League.  It’s just about as much fun for a dog and owner as a sport can be.

Dog with owner get ready to chase a frisbee
Dog catches frisbee at K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch
Dog jumping in air to catch a frisbee

How many other dog sports can you play in your own home town and yet compete with other Clubs around the world (there are more than 70 Clubs globally.) Once a week, for a five-week season, disc dog enthusiasts gather together to compete and score points. At the end of the five weeks, the Club with the most points is crowned the League Season Champion!

Lucky for us, we now have our own local Club in Thompson Station. Founder/Club Captain Charlotte Blake, of Fresh Canine Trainingformed the Nashville TN K9 Toss & Fetch League this past winter and they’ve completed two seasons so far.

We first learned about Toss & Fetch after seeing a friend’s posts on Instagram. We watched the progress Ashton and her dog Chess (you might know her from Instagram as Chess On Chairs) were making each week.

“Chess showed interest in disc as a little puppy. As she got old enough to catch, I started asking around for any local disc doggers. I was directed to a Facebook group that was just putting together a League in the area, and we decided to try it out!” Ashton told me. They sounded as if they were having so much fun. It looked like a perfect way to spend some quality time with your best pal.

But how do you do it? Do you need special skills or a highly trained dog? How hard is it to play? I had lots of questions.

“Toss and Fetch is exactly like it sounds. You toss the frisbee and your dog catches it and returns the frisbee to you,” explained Charlotte Blake when I contacted her to find out more. “Anyone can join! Adults and children. All breeds are welcome. Basically any dog that enjoys chasing a frisbee.”

Chloe was definitely up for catching Frisbees. But what about the rules?

Turns out, how you play is pretty simple and easy to remember.

The object of the game is simple: score as many points as possible in the time allowed and within the scoring zone. Each Team plays (2) 1-minute rounds, with points being awarded for catches within each of the zones – and extra for catches with all four paws in the air!

Little dog playing frisbee with owner

We were a bit nervous for our first Club play. After all, some of the handlers and dogs were pretty seasoned players. But as we quickly discovered, Toss & Fetch is all about the fun and not about hard-core competition. Club members were welcoming and supportive – and more than willing to walk you through your turn.

Let’s face it – most dogs have no trouble catching a disc. It’s the humans who need a little practice getting that disc to the sweet spot so their dog can get it!

Dog bringing back a frisbee to her owner

I quickly found out throwing a Frisbee for fun is a little different than throwing it from behind the start line when you’re trying to score points – and communicating to Chloe where I wanted her to be. Plus the pressure of “gotta score points for the Club!”  which was in the back of my mind. But that’s just my own competitiveness coming out. For those of you who’d like to hone your disc throwing and dog communication skills, Toss & Fetch is a great sport.

But it’s also a great sport for those who just want to get out in the fresh air and enjoy bonding with their dog. I quickly discovered that the number one rule – Have Fun – was also number one priority. On our very first round, Chloe and I scored No Points At All! She was excited and ran one direction, I was excited and threw the disc the other direction and we were a total mess! But just looking at her eyes full of joy, tongue hanging out and panting like crazy, hardly able to wait for the next throw, was the best feeling ever. She was happy and that made me happy.

(Just so you know, we pulled it out of the hat on our next round and scored a few points.)

You know you’d like to give it a try. You know your dog wants you to give it a try. Let’s answer your “Yeah, buts…”

“Yeah, but my dog is too old/too young/too small/not the right breed/etc.”

ANY dog can play Toss & Fetch as long as they love to chase frisbees.  You’ve got one minute and even if your dog only retrieves one throw, that’s a win for both of you. And your dog doesn’t have to be a high-drive breed to have fun with this sport. Slow go is okay, too.

Dog and owner playing K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch

“Yeah, but I’m afraid my dog might run off with the disc and not come back.”

The Nashville League is played in a fenced in field – so no worries about your dog escaping.

“Yeah, but my dog isn’t very good at catching/I’m not very good at throwing.”

Toss & Fetch is not about being perfect but it does give you a chance to strive for your personal best. Ashton puts in this way: “My biggest concerns, which are still our toughest challenges, were my ability to throw and Chess’s ability to retrieve. However, even when I make a bad throw, Chess still eagerly goes after the disc, and brings it (almost) back to me. She loves every second, and that makes even the low scores worth it!”

“Yeah, but I’m not very competitive to play a sport.”

As Ashton explains, “Toss & Fetch is the most laid back dog sport I’ve found. It’s all fun, and the fact that everyone around you is working together as a League is very encouraging! If you’re wanting to get into disc dogging, or just looking to do something fun with your dog that you’ll both love, Toss & Fetch is a great place to start!”

And playing in K9 Toss & Fetch League is only just the beginning. If you and your dog want more, there are clinics and seminars available.

Ready to play? Yay!!

All you need is your dog and a disc.

The Summer Season 2018 begins June 9th and is $10.00 per human/dog team. You can contact Charlotte Blake at Fresh Canine Training  (FreshCanine@gmail.com )or visit Nashville TN K9 Toss/Fetch League on Facebook for more details.

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Want specific game rules? Visit TossAndFetch.com for all the ins and outs.

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