Safety Guidelines

We want all dogs and their owners to have a successful and safe hike. Dogs with all levels of social skills will benefit from hiking with a bit of structure to help things go smoothly.

1. Leashed, friendly dogs welcome.

2. Dogs should be on 4′ – 6′ leads; no retractable leashes.

3. We strongly suggest no face-to-face greetings between dogs. As a general rule, keep a space of roughly 5 feet between dogs. As the hike progresses, you’ll notice some dogs will begin to walk closer to each other. We can go back to adding distance when we stop for water breaks. 

4. In order to respect each dog’s need for space, we’ll have colored bandanas you can use to indicate your dog’s level of comfort:​

  • Green : for dogs who are rock-solid friendly with all pups
  • Yellow: for pups who are shy or are dog-selective
  • Red: for the pups who need to maintain their own bubble!

5. Well-behaved, dog-savvy children are welcome to attend; please remind them not to approach or pet dogs during the hike.

General Info

Bring water, treats, poop bags and dress for the weather. Bringing an ID card is highly suggested. We’ll hike rain or shine unless severe weather or extreme temperatures are forecast. Go Dog Nashville – 52 Hike Challengers Facebook Group will have updated info.

Please feel free to hike at your own pace; if you want more miles, you are welcome to continue on or turn back if necessary.  

Even though Go Dog Nashville is coordinating these community hikes, Go Dog Nashville and 52 Hike Challenge assume no liability for your taking part. Participation, like all hikes, is at your own risk.